PARCEL Forum 2018: Mitigating Risk at the Border

Insight for Navigating the Intersection of E-Commerce and Trade Compliance

Small package shippers operating across international borders face unprecedented levels of complexity and change. Trade tensions drive tariff uncertainty, while security threats heighten scrutiny of cross-border shipments. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is aggressively advancing strategy for enforcing regulations on e-commerce shipments and busy company executives are working to synthesize trade headlines with shipping data to understand marketplace risks.

Two of the industry’s most noted thought leaders in international supply chains and global trade compliance offer their insight to help shippers better understand the market dynamics and what lies ahead. During the Mastering International learning pod at Parcel Forum 2018, Transportation Insight Vice President of Client Solutions Rick Brumett and Head of Global Trade Compliance Rennie Alston provided details on emerging trade enforcement strategies, best practices for risk assessment and compliance management.


Rick Brumett’s 37-year career spent immersed in retail supply chains, multi-modal transportation solutions and efficient warehouse network design uniquely positions him to understand the shipping challenges of retailers, manufacturers and distributors – from port to customer door. His International Trade Compliance Certification in import/export enables him to engage with customers as a licensed freight forwarder capable of identifying new areas of risk during uncertain times of increased enforcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Rick is a 2017 Supply and Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know.


Rennie Alston has more than 30 years of interactive work experience with U.S. Customs and Border Protection on international trade and regulatory issues. He’s instructed college-accredited courses in U.S. Customs Regulations and Documentation, Customs Brokerage License Preparation, Import Export Compliance and Customs Entry Preparation, and Global Security Compliance for 20 years. A recognized expert in Customs Regulatory issues and Compliance Management, Rennie works exclusively with Transportation Insight to help client partners establish compliant processes that ease entry at global ports of trade.


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