Valdese Weavers: Extended LEAN® for the Total Supply Chain

IW logoCompanies dedicated to LEAN are committed to removing non-value added processes in their business in order to achieve operational excellence.  Many of these same companies look to implement LEAN inside the four walls of their facility.  While this method of LEAN is effective and brings forth many significant improvements, it does not capture the flow of business that happens outside of the four walls.  That’s where Extended LEAN® comes into play. The concept of Extended LEAN uses the same LEAN principles found on the production floor but also focuses on the value streams that exist everywhere in your business, from supplier to end customer and everything in between.  Eric Lail, then VP of Client Services and Continuous Improvement at Transportation Insight and one of 200 Shingo Prize Examiners, presented  Extended LEAN at the 2013 IndustryWeek’s Best Plants conference.

This visual case study showcases how Extended LEAN benefits manufacturers and how this methodology was used to take a fabric manufacturer from surviving to thriving.   As you will see in the video, Extended LEAN is characterized by three guiding principles:

  • “Wholistic”
  • Connected
  • Data Driven

This presentation was recorded in 2013 in Greenville, SC at IndustryWeek’s Best Plants Conference where Transportation Insight was the Supply Chain Strategies Track Room Sponsor. Many of North America's most successful manufacturers were in attendance.